How to Take Care of Your T Shirt – 7 Useful Tips

How to Take Care of Your T Shirt

7 Useful Tips How to Take Care of Your T Shirt.  As strong as anything, as well as any screen printing in t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and tanktop if not treated would be easily damaged, Moreover your favorite shirt or a small collection of shirts.

Because it would be durable, T-shirts should also be treated. We will provide tips for some types of clothing such as mens hoodies, sweatshirts for women, black tank top womens, white tank tops, workout tank tops.


And How to Take Care of Your T Shirt ?


How to Take Care of Your T Shirt                                                 How to Take Care of Your T Shirt


Well, here we will provide tips on t-shirts, sweatshirt, hoodie and tanktop for screen printing durable.


  1. Wash your T-Shirt in reversed

Before the washing, you should first turn the shirt, the screen printing position is inside. If not reversed, especially if you use washing machine t-shirt will be reduced. Either it breaks or faded.


  1. Do not soak too long

Try to soak the shirt no more than 1 hour for a long shirt, while the new T-shirts can not even more than 30 minutes. Detergents can cause the screen printing on our favorite shirt quickly damaged.


  1. Do not squeeze too hard

Squeeze it means the cloth in the drag, when the cloth is wrapped in the screen printing will definitely twisted. The longer you squeeze, the screen printing will break as well. So we recommend that if we want to squeeze in not to be too hard.


  1. Upside down

Sunlight can cause your shirt color and screen printing to fade. Therefore, before hanging the shirts that have been washed should be first behind the screen printing is not directly facing the sun.


  1. Screen Printing Do not Iron

Avoid ironing directly on t-shirt screen printing. The solution if it wants in the iron, you can iron the inside .. but remember not too hot.


  1. Avoid Bleach

Do not let your shirt get bleach. Good bleach clothes, teeth whitening, facial bleach and other bleaches. Not only the screen printing is broken, but your shirt is also damaged.


  1. Cool T-Shirt Do not wear when Sleeping

It will be a little inconvenient, if it is tired and sleepy, often we do not mind to change clothes. and T-shirts are still in use. Indeed no one forbid, just let durable your shirt, we suggest change clothes first or just off your shirt.


Ok guys … it may be a little tips How to Take Care of Your T Shirt so that the screen printing is preserved and durable.


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